MOAB "Budgeting for Beginners" Secret Methods

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MOAB "Budgeting for Beginners" Secret Methods
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On a regular basis in our nationwide Mums on a Budget Australia Facebook group we get posts asking " how do I start budgeting " or "where do you recommend I start budgeting? " As the admin of our community, each time I review a post like this before publishing it for members to give their opinions, I copy and paste the same answer in the comments section hoping that it gets through, seen and understood by the original poster. So what do I comment and recommend exactly?

Ready for it? Here it is:

"I recommend visiting the most comprehensive budgeting planner by Moneysmart which is featured on our linktree under and scroll down to the "Free APPS, Websites + Extensions!🤩" and after you sorted your budget then read this:

You can also use the FREE app or website SUPERCOOK which is located on our linktree as well on the button right under. It will give you unlimited recipes with the ingredients you already have in your fridge, freezer, and pantry. Make meals based on that. Weekly shop by specials only. This will save you a fortune. Our group loves SUPERCOOK and when you use it you will see why!

Don't forget to use the free app WISELIST there as well to compare prices between aldi, coles and ww. Also, using cashback sites, which is also featured on our linktree is like extra cash in your pocket. Shopback ($10 joining bonus auto applies via clicking the link. Note: You must spend $20 within 14 days of joining to get this special $10 bonus!) Cashrewards (Use joining code " MUMSONABUDGET " to score a $20 sign up bonus. Note: You must spend $20 within 14 days of joining to get this special $20 bonus!), and Topcashback ($10 joining bonus auto applies via clicking the link. Note: You must spend $20 within 14 days of joining to get this special $10 bonus!). Also a section on earning on linktree towards the bottom and can make a little extra with surveys, receipt scanning, crowd sourcing, and more.

Refer a friend programs for internet, gas and electricity as an example, are all great ways to earn or save a little more! If you don't have time to continually compare utilities you can use a subscription service like BILL HERO and you will never over pay for gas or electricity again. You can visit our linktree to get a special discount code for them as well. It all adds up.

Utilising our MOAB Meal Planning Method will save you several thousands of dollars over your lifetime and yes, I mean several thousands (I did not make a typo). It talks about many things like using the free apps mentioned above and strategically using meal kit delivery boxes when on promotion like EveryPlate, Dinnerly, Hello Fresh, Marley Spoon, and fruit and vegetable delivery boxes like FUNKY FOOD or FARMER'S PICK and take advantaging of our community's discount codes like save $7 on your first Funky Food by using discount code " MUMSONABUDGET "  box or save 15% off your first Farmer's Pick box by using discount code " MUMSONABUDGET "will literally save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. Utilising discount or promo codes, will help bring down the cost but also it helps making dinners easier and more convenient giving you that little bit of extra time and less stress. We have a "*How to Save Heaps Guide*" on our Linktree under "MEAL DELIVERY DISCOUNT CODES 📦🍲" section, or you can see a list of discount offers under "FOOD DELIVERY TOP DISCOUNTS 🏷️" section. A lot of the time, you can get promotional boxes from $1.29 - $2.89/ serve which makes it cheaper than shopping in stores and more convenient as well! You can also see the free guide HERE. "

Learn more about Borro HERE Don't forget to say you heard of them via Mums on a Budget when filling out your free virtual consultation!

You can also check out our linktree for options of free financial counsellors, or our financial money coach recommendation to help you stick to budget or even obtain contact details of a financial planner/adviser if you wish to grow your wealth. They all offer a first free consult. And of course if looking for a loan or house shopping, our recommended broker is BORRO. They offer free virtual meetings and service so definitely an easy way to check out your options for borrowing.

Mums on a Budget Australia loves everything related to budgeting and finances! Check out  Save Money Like a Pro! | Mums on a Budget - AU | Linktree to get started on your budgeting journey for free and make to subscribe for free to stay up to date HERE. Everything you need for your budgeting journey is located in ONE simple link.