Never overpay for electricity or gas again!

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Added on Jan 17, 2024
Never overpay for electricity or gas again!

Bill Hero is an Australian service that helps individuals save money on their household gas and/or electricity bills. Bill Hero will automatically monitor and compare every energy bill for you, and help you initiate a switch whenever you can save. You'll save money without even thinking about it.

  • Over $350 average first-switch savings
  • Their money-back Savings Guarantee means you just can't lose
  • They will analyse every bill and show you how it ranks and initiate a switch again whenever they find more savings
  • You can set your "bother threshold" (example, if they find savings next month after you already switched to a cheaper plan at that time and you cannot be bothered switching again, you could set your bothered threshold to $100 for the year. Let me know when I can save $100 or more with a different plan or provider based on my usage history) Offers, rates and providers change all the time. It is very hard to keep up. Bill Hero automates this for you and sends you a notification when you can save.

It is important to note that WA and NT do not have competitive energy, so Bill Hero services are relevant for SE QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS and SA.

We often get repeated posts in our Mums on a Budget Australia Nationwide Facebook group like:

"What is the cheapest Electricity company?"

"I live with 3 other people and pay $xx a month for gas. Is this too much?"

"How much do you pay for electricity and gas a month?  I just want to compare your price with mine."

All of these questions cannot be answered by our members or admin/moderators accurately. Bill Hero can give you an accurate answer based on your unique details as you upload your bill(s) with them. It saves you the time of manually comparing each bill you get with others and also saves you money.

All Mums on a Budget - Australia members are able to use promo code: " MUMSBUDGET " at the checkout on Bill Hero to get a 10% discount off their first year! You simply upload your unique energy bill(s) and they will get back to you within a day if they have found your savings. Their savings guarantee makes it a no brainer to at least explore as an option. Moving forward throughout the year their system will compare every single bill you get to ensure you are always on the cheapest plan in your area based on your type of usage.

Don't forget to compare other products like solar installation as well if you are considering solar.

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