Survey Sites? Can you really make money? Are they legit?

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By Mums on a BUDGET
Added on Feb 23, 2024
Survey Sites? Can you really make money? Are they legit?

Yes 🙌 they are legitimate and yes you do make money. However, you need to make sure you are completing surveys on legitimate survey sites! Some trusted survey sites that many of our members use, including my self where you can exchange points to Paypal payments or e-gifts cards to use at places like Coles, Woolworths and Kmart include:

1.PUREPROFILE - Pureprofile is my favourite survey site because I find it the most fun and easy to use! LEARN MORE

2. OCTOPUS - Octopus Group Surveys claims to be the "Highest Paying Survey Site" They do pay quite well but sometimes I noticed some surveys time out or I am not eligible to complete it and it wastes some time. LEARN MORE

3.  ATTAPOLL - Another reputable survey site! Bonus: Use code: " ewcfr " to get $1 when signing up! LEARN MORE

4.  SAYSO - Product Testing/Reviews and Surveys! If you like to test products and leave reviews, SAYSO is a great place to earn some extra cash - LEARN MORE

5. ZAP SURVEYS -  Another reputable survey site! LEARN MORE

6. REWARDIA -Earn by completing surveys!  Use code " AC-BZLYLQ " when signing up to get bonus points! LEARN MORE

7. MARKET AGENT - Another reputable survey site! LEARN MORE

8. PURKLE - Another reputable survey site! LEARN MORE

9. TOLUNA - Another reputable survey site! Get 500 points just for joining! LEARN MORE

10. PRIZE REBEL - My least favourite site because I find it takes ages to be able to earn enough points to cash out but you can still earn here too! LEARN MORE

There are even websites that offer video surveys and can pay more like:

INFLUENCE (paid video surveys) - LEARN MORE

Some websites I love to earn extra but aren't surveys are receipt scanning apps that of you CASH or points in exchange for Paypal payment or e-gift cards. My top 2 favourite are:

  1. SHPING - Love them because there is no minimum to cash out and the cash goes direct to your bank account. NO PAYPAL! LEARN MORE
  2. RECEIPT JAR  - Love them because they also have fun games like shake jar and you earn extra coins! Use code: " ANDRMP3J3" when signing up to score 200 free bonus points. 1000 points can be exchanged for $5 (via Paypal or gift card!) LEARN MORE

All of the above are free. They require no payment to start earaning. There are also many other money making apps featured on our Linktree under the "Free APPS, Websites + Extensions!🤩" or "EARN Quick and Easy Cash $$$" sections.

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